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Maegan Hendow

Research Officer

Education: Maegan has a BA in Global Studies and French from the University of California, Santa Barbara, including a year of study abroad at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques of Lyon. In 2010, she also received a joint Masters in Global Studies from the University of Leipzig and the University of Vienna.

Relevant experience and expertise:
During her studies, Maegan worked with several intergovernmental organizations on migration issues, including the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD), ICMPD and the International Organization for Migration (IOM). This work focused on South-South migration, integration policies in Switzerland and gender and migration. She worked with ICMPD from August to November 2010 as a trainee in particular on the project “Promoting Sustainable Policies for Integration (PROSINT)”, and rejoined the team in June 2011 to work on several projects, including “Treatment of third-country nationals at the EU’s external borders” and "FastPass - A harmonized, modular reference system for all European automatic border crossing points".

Research interests: Border control and border management, use of technology in border control, human rights, Diaspora, gender and migration

Selected Publications:
Albert Kraler, Maegan Hendow, Ferruccio Pastore (2016): Introduction: Multiplication and Multiplicity - Transformations of Border Control. Journal of Borderlands Studies 31(2).

Maegan Hendow, Alina Cibea, Albert Kraler (2015): Using technology to draw borders: fundamental rights for the Smart Borders initiative. Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society 13(1).

Maegan Hendow (2014): Smart Borders: Comparing the use of new technology in border controls in the US and EU. Presented at the Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting. Tampa, Florida, 9 April.

Maegan Hendow (2013): Tunisian Migrant Journeys: Human Rights Concerns for Tunisians Arriving by Sea. Laws 2, no. 3: 187-209.

Maegan Hendow (2012): Opportunity and Belonging in the Iraqi-American Community. Presented at "Making it Home - Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Recognition and Displacement in America" Freie Universität Berlin, 11-12 May.

Tel: +43-1-5044677-2368
Fax: +43-1-5044677-2375
E-mail: Maegan.Hendow(at)