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ÖFM - Österreichisches Forum für Migrationsstudien - Austrian Forum for Migration Studies

In 1997, ICMPD carried out a study on the status of Austrian research concerning migration with special regard to the interaction between policy and research. The study concluded that shortcomings in this research area were mainly due to insufficient data, a lack in access of information on migration issues as well as weak co-operation among research and policy-making institutions. As a result, various Austrian ministerial bodies (Federal Chancellery, Federal Ministry of Science, Federal Ministry of the Interior, Federal Ministry of Social Affairs) decided to promote the establishment of an interdisciplinary documentation, information as well as research unit under the auspices of ICMPD, to foster co-operation among researchers and policy-makers.

For this reason in 1998 the Austrian Forum for Migration Studies (ÖFM) has been established as an ICMPD project and was financed by the Austrian Ministry for Interior and the Swiss Foundation for Migration, Population and Environment as well as through research projects carried out for various Austrian Ministries and other institutions.

Within the project phase from 1997 to 2003, the AFM furthered the knowledge on migration and facilitated co-operations and synergies within the research community.

Duration: 1997-2003
Funded by: Austrian Federal Ministry of Interior, Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Federal Ministry of Science and Research, Federal Chancellery and the Swiss Foundation for Migration, Population and Environment
Contact: Veronika Bilger, Albert Kraler


Feasibility study on the establishment of a Austrian forum for migration research
Irene Stacher, Katharina Demel, Esther Dostal (1997): Machbarkeitsstudie für ein österreichisches Forum für Migrationsstudien und Entwurf für die Organisation eines Forums für Migrationsstudien. Final report. ICMPD: Vienna.