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IMISCOE 10th Annual Conference - Workshop on "Transformations of border control: The politics of (im)mobility in times of crisis"

The three-session workshop focuses on the border itself as a locus of control, the control of border crossings (whether at the border or elsewhere) and recent transformations of border control, analysing these issues in the context of a perceived "crisis" of irregular immigration in comparison with the realities on the ground.

In doing so, the workshop probes into the various contradictions of contemporary border management, including the contradiction between the stated objective to facilitate “legitimate travel” versus the objective to maintain absolute control about in- and, to a lesser extent, outflows; the contradictions emerging from the increasing shift towards risk analysis based and random selective control philosophies and the persistence of traditional control logics; and the contradictions emerging from the increasing use of human rights language by control actors and the exclusion of important aspects of control from the applicability of (enforceable) human rights.

A second line of enquiry will focus on new and emerging modes of border control, often linked to technologies of surveillance and large-scale ICT based systems and technological fantasies suggesting that technological solutions will help to overcome inherent contradictions of border control and surveillance.

A third line of enquiry will focus on the wide range of pre-border controls established to filter out “undesirable aliens” from “bona fide” travellers before actually reaching the physical border.

Download the full description and the agenda of the workshop.

More information available on the IMISCOE conference website.

Coordination: ICMPD
Contact: Albert Kraler, Maegan Hendow


Albert Kraler, Maegan Hendow and Ferruccio Pastore (eds.) (2016): Multiplicity and multiplication: Transformations of Border Control, Journal of Borderlands Studies, Special issue, Vol. 31:2.