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Building training and analytical capacities on migration in Moldova and Georgia (GOVAC)

The purpose of the project “Building Training and Analytical Capacities on Migration in Moldova and Georgia (GOVAC)” is to ensure self-sufficient and institutionalised training capacities in Moldova and Georgia to improve the management of migration and asylum; it deals with migration in general terms (economics, statistics, demography, socio-political, legal, business implications, etc.) in an academic context as well as with the broader society, the labour market including civil society and the media.   

The methodology of GOVAC builds on the development of cooperation and partnership between government and academia, between beneficiary countries and participating EU member states, and between Georgia and Moldova.

The project aims to achieve its goals by improving the data and knowledge base for research and training, as well as by fostering cooperation between government and academics. The expected outcomes include the promulgation/production of migration research agendas and curricula for academics based on the priorities identified by the Government, the attainment of a higher level of research and teaching capacity, as well as the development of sustained government-academia cooperation in migration research, migration studies, and ultimately improved migration management.

A related Memorandum of Understanding concluded between Academia and Government by the end of the project should pave the way for sustainable co-operation between the two modules in both countries.

The project implements two modules in each beneficiary country: a government module and an academia module. Depending on their specific objectives, modules will be implemented 1) jointly between governmental institutions and academia, 2) independently for governmental institutions and academia, 3) jointly between beneficiary countries, 4) independently for Georgia and Moldova.

• Inception Report (Summary in English)
Assessment Report under the Governmental Module (Summary in English)
Assessment Report under the Academia Module (Summary in English)
Midterm Review Report
Summer School: Background Information, Research Outline and Reader
• Academic Migration Curricula for Georgia (Georgian, English) and Moldova (Romanian, English)
• Training Manual for Georgia (Georgian, English) and Moldova (Romanian, English)
• Research Papers
• Policy Brief "Fostering Cooperation between Academia and Government in the Field of Migration" September 2012
MoU on co-operation between the Government and Academia in Georgia and                Moldova
Final Report
Lessons Learned Report

Project Duration: 2011–2013
Project partners:
EU, Danish Refugee Council (DRC), The Hague University for Applied Sciences, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finnland, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Switzerland, CoE
European Commission, DRC, partner states
Project Coordination and Implementation:
Contact: Violeta Wagner

Additional information about the GOVAC project:
Project description (in English, Georgian and Moldovan)
Project Scheme (in English, Georgian and Moldovan)
Project Newsletter (No.1, No.2, No.3, No.4, No.5, No.6, No.7, No.8)