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Evaluations of UK Home Office Country of Origin Information Reports

The ICMPD Research Unit has carried out several evaluations of UK Home Office Country Of Origin Reports for the Advisory Panel on Country Information - APCI - an independent body established by the UK Home Office. APCI was set up in 2003 to provide advice to the Home Secretary on information produced by the Home Office on asylum seekers' countries of origin for use in the asylum determination process. These COI Reports are produced at least twice a year on the top 20 asylum intake countries. They provide general background information about the issues most commonly raised in asylum / human rights claims made in the United Kingdom. 

The ICMPD Research Unit was responsible for the evaluation of the following UK Home Office Country Of Origin Reports:

• Democratic Republic of Congo
• Jamaica
• Iran
• Indonesia
• Kenya
• Malaysia
• Mauritius
• Russia
• Turkey
• Kosovo

Albert Kraler (ICMPD)

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