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Making Sense of Migration Statistics: Comparing Data and Practical Application - seminar organised by EIPA (European Institute of Public Administration) in collaboration with ICMPD

Statistical data are increasingly relevant for the daily work of public officials and other public sector stakeholders dealing with migration, integration and asylum issues. The Stockholm Programme mandates the development of both ‘core indicators’ for monitoring the results of integration policies within the EU and ‘migration profiles’ for the third countries, so that the Union can better assess its own priorities and potential concerns. Accordingly, the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA), in collaboration with ICMPD, organises regular seminars for public officials and other stakeholders on comparing and practically applying data.

• To examine conceptual, definitional and analytical issues, including the uses and purposes of statistical data.
• To identify address problems of data collection for regular, irregular migration and human rights.

• Comparative analysis of data needs
• Available international and European statistical data sources
• Practical training with regard to using such tools

Contact person Albert Kraler


Brussels 14-15 October, 2010
Information leaflet
Seminar programme

Maastricht 13-14 October, 2011
Seminar programme

Maastricht 11-12 October, 2012
Seminar programme

Information on the seminar is also available on the EIPA website