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COMPSTAT - Comparing National Data Sources in the Field of Migration and Integration

The project was designed as an initial step in an effort to overcome the lack of comparable data in social and economic integration of migrants and their descendants in Europe. It covered 8 European countries (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland), as well as two former EU candidate countries - the Czech Republic and Poland.
• To collect and analyse essential technical information on various sorts of micro-datasets and statistics produced regularly by public authorities
• To contribute to establishing comparability of these data in Europe
• To provide useful instruments for a comparative monitoring of integration processes in Europe.
• Reports on the national data collection systems
• Analyses of the data comparability and availability
• Internet-accessible, fully searchable database containing meta-data on the details of about 325 individual datasets with relevance for cross-national studies on integration of immigrant minorities.
Drawing on the findings of COMPSTAT in 2007 the PROMINSTAT project started. The COMPSTAT database has been supplemented by the larger PROMINSTAT database.

Duration: 2001-2002
Funded by: 5th Framework Programme (European Commission, DG Research)
Administrative coordination: Barbara Herzog-Punzenberger (formerly ICMPD)
Scientific coordination: Harald Waldrauch, European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research, Vienna
Project partners:
Groupe d'études de Démographie Appliquée/ Université Catholique de Louvain - UCL/Gédap (BE), European Forum for Migration Studies - EFMS (DE), Geographical Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Science - GRI HAS (HU), Universitá "La Sapienza" - Department of Geoeconomics, Linguistic, Statistical and Historical Studies for Regional Analysis (IT), Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies - IMES (NL), Statistics Norway - Department of social statistics, (NO), Swiss Forum for Migration and Population Studies - SFM (CH), Statistics Austria (AT)
Contact: Veronika Bilger, Albert Kraler (ICMPD)


To be downloaded from the COMPSTAT website.


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