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Support for a monitoring system on national policies on human resources in research and on their effects at the level of research organization

Project Information

Documents for contract (zipped files)
ICMPD download
Alleweldt Ralf (Germany) download
Becker Hilkka (Ireland) download
Brant Hansen Kenneth (Greece) download
Buttigieg Eugène (Malta) download
Catarino Ribeiro Monica Alejandra (Portugal) download
Cizinsky Pavel (Czech Republic) download
de Lange Tesseltje (Netherlands) download
Dupate Kristine (Latvia) download
Esteve Garcia Francina (Spain) download
Fornale Elisa (Italy) download
Forys Agata (Poland) download
Giendl Susanne (Austria) download
Kenner Jeffrey (United Kingdom) download
Knez Rajko (Slovenia) download
Lajcakova Jarmila (Slovakia) download
Mittelmannova Miroslava (Slovakia) download
Melegh Attila (Hungary) download
Moinescu Gabriel (Romania) download
Örjan Edström (Sweden) download
Romestant Damien (France) download
Roots Lehte (Estonia) download
Tanner Arno (Finland) download
Vulsteke Benedikt (Belgium) download