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MIGIWE - Migration and Irregular Work in Europe

The two-year research project filled several large gaps in social science research, both on the national and international levels, and contributed to two disciplines: migration research and labour market research.

To provide a comparative analysis of the structure and dynamics of irregular foreign employment in Central European countries following the 5th Enlargement of the EU

Research methods included three complementary research approaches
• Secondary data analysis
• Expert interviews (including a structured multi-round Delphi-survey)
• 50 anonymous interviews with irregular migrant workers

At the international level, ICMPD closely cooperated with the MIGIWE research group, including research partners from the Czech Republic (Charles University) and Hungary (Panta Rhei Research).

Duration: 2005-2007
Funded by: Austrian Science Fund (FWF)
Contact: Veronika Bilger (ICMPD)


• Jandl, Michael; Christina Hollomey; Anna Stepien (2007): Migration and Irregular Work in Austria. Results of a Delphi-Study. International Migration Papers 90. International Labour Office; International Centre for Migration Policy Development. Geneva: ILO.

• Jandl, Michael; Christina Hollomey; Sandra Gendera; Anna Stepien; Veronika Bilger (2008): Migration and Irregular Work in Austria. A case study of the structure and dynamics of irregular foreign employment in Europe at the beginning of the 21st century. Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam.

• Hollomey, Christina; Veronika Bilger; Sandra Gendera (2008): Changing Dynamics in Irregular Migrant Employment in Austria – Results of a Delphi-Study, IN: D. Drbohlav (ed): Nelegalni ekonomicke aktivity migrantu cesko v evropském kontextu [Migrants´ irregular economic activities, the Czech Republic in a European context]. Praha, Karolinum.