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Human smuggling and trafficking in migrants

• To identify contexts of origin
• To describe different types and patterns of smuggling organizations
• To explain the dynamics of smuggling operations from a sociological perspective

• Collection of specific information for each participating country (expert interviews, court file analysis, interviews with smuggled migrants)
• Elaboration of a common theoretical and analytical frame-work
• Development of an international theoretical perspective providing insights in country-related as well as international developments and structures in the area of human smuggling and trafficking in migrants

Funded by: Austrian Science Foundation (FWF)
Contact: Veronika Bilger, Albert Kraler (ICMPD)

Project partners: research institutions from 6 European countries (Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Switzerland)



Bilger, Veronika/Hofmann, Martin/Jandl, Michael (2006): Human Smuggling as a Transnational Service Industry: Evidence from Austria. In: International Migration, Vol. 44, Issue 4, pp. 59-94.