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Impact Analysis of Integration and Migration Policy Measures on the Integration of Third Country Nationals in Europe (WIKAN)

Against the background of intense discussions on the integration of third country nationals, integration policies and integration measures became increasingly important within general migration policies.

How the responsible authorities evaluate the effectiveness of their policies has not been researched so far and a systematic comparison of methods used for impact analysis of integration measures and experiences made by the authorities is missing. This study investigates the perspectives and experiences of authorities and experts dealing with integration of immigrants in Austria and in selected EU member states (including Denmark, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom).

Aim of the study and objectives
The goals of the study are (1) to prepare a comparative analysis of methods used for evaluating the effectiveness of integration policy measures in selected member states of the EU, (2) to assess the possibilities and limitations of impact analysis of integration policy measures and (3) to formulate a concrete proposal for the systematic impact analysis of such measures.

The main research questions of the study are:

• How is the effectiveness of integration policy measures evaluated in EU Member States? Which methods are employed for impact analysis?
• What are the main results of those evaluations? Are there plans to adapt or further develop the methods of impact analysis?
• To what extent and in which way do the results of evaluations of integration policy measures contribute to the development of integration policies?
• What is the contribution of academic research to the development of impact analysis? In how far is it possible to better integrate results of research studies into policy development?

• Summary report
• 7 country reports

Project Duration: 2011–2012
Funding: European Integration Fund, Austrian Ministry of the Interior
Project Coordination and implementation: ICMPD
Contact: Martin Hofmann, David Reichel


Final Report

Martin Hofmann and David Reichel (2012): Wirkungsanalyse von integrationspolitischen Ma▀nahmen - Praxis und Bedarf. Vienna: ICMPD.