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Integration and prevention of social deviance for young male immigrants and young males from immigrant families

In the  public and political debate concerning the integration of third country nationals, young immigrant males or young males from a migrant family are often presented as a group lacking professional and academic success and prone to social deviant behavior or violent crimes. Studies have pointed out that the reality is more complex than the media discourse. "Young male immigrants" are neither a homogeneous group nor can social deviance among young male adults be explained solely by reference to the migration biography or descent from migrant parents.

The main objective of this study is to give an overview of the state of the art of research on adolescence and migration and to identify successful pre- and interventive measures fostering the integration of male immigrant adolescents. The study aims in particular to discuss the specific problems of integration of male immigrant adolescents, to analyse successful approaches and working models of prevention and socio-pedagogical intervention and to develop concrete proposals for further policy development in this specific area of integration.

The study is based on a literature analysis and qualitative interviews with experts from academia, labor market authorities, schools and extracurricular youth work and the police. Particular attention is paid to successful projects in the field of youth work with the target group.

Objectives of the project
Analyse the risk of social deviance among young migrant men with specific regard to social and family contexts.
Identify factors that shape success and failures in socialisation.
Identify good practices to prevent social deviance and foster the integration of young male migrants into education and vocational training.
Formulate policy recommendations.

To reach these aims, the study applies multiple methods including desk research, secondary statistical analysis, and qualitative interviews with experts and practitioners.

Analysis report
Mapping of good practices
Policy recommendations

Project Duration: 2012
Funding: State Secretary for Integration within the Federal Ministry of the Interior of Austria
Project Coordination and Implementation: ICMPD
Contact: Bernhard Perchinig


Bernhard Perchinig, Verena Platzer & Johanna Blum (2012): Integrations- und Präventionsmaßnahmnen für männliche Jugendliche mit Migrationshintergrund - Herausforderungen und Chancen. Vienna: ICMPD. Download the study and its summary (in German).