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Family Migration, Marriage and Integration (FAMINT)

Family migration in general, and more specifically migration for the purpose of family formation, has become one of the most important forms of immigration to European countries. Consequently, family migration and family formation receive increasing attention, particularly in the field of migrant integration. This is reflected not only in recently introduced programmes in many countries which link admission and integration, but also in examining the role of the family in integration processes.

For example, bi-national or inter-ethnic marriages and partnerships can be understood as an expression of successful integration, assuming that these relations require a high level of intercultural interaction, social contacts outside their own group and the acceptance of different values. Existing literature indicates that this and similar conclusions are much too simplistic and refers to the variety of considerations, motives and ambitions that influence partner choices.

Particularly in German-speaking countries, the state of knowledge on partner choice, marriage and family formation patterns of migrants is poorly understood. Existing studies are often limited to specific aspects of the phenomenon, such as "forced marriages" or "arranged marriages", which neglect a comprehensive analysis and an informed debate on the impact of these patterns on the integration of third country nationals in general.

Objectives of the study:
The study will examine:
• marriage patterns and motives in major immigrant groups in Austria over time;
• the effects of changing marriage patterns and marriage structures on the integration characteristics of immigrant spouses and their children in Austria;
• whether integration policies support the needs of immigrant spouses and their children;
• options for policy development in the respective areas.

Project Duration: 2013
Funding: European Integration Fund, Ministry of Interior Austria
Project Coordination: ICMPD
Contact: Martin Hofmann



Martin Hofmann, Veronika Bilger, Sanda Uellen (2015): FAMINT: Familiengründungsmigration, Heiratsverhalten und Integration von Drittstaatsangehörigen in Österreich. Project report. Vienna: ICMPD.
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