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UniteEurope: Social Media Analytics and Decision Support Tools Enabling Sustainable Integration Policies and Measures

UniteEurope is an EU-FP7 project that aims at giving the main actors of integration - immigrants and members of the host society - a voice by analysing public social media content generated by citizens, in order to support decision making in urban and pan-European integration policies. The UniteEurope team consists of social scientists and IT specialists from leading universities, municipalities, cities and NGOs from Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden, and it is counseled by various international governmental and non-governmental organisations dealing with migration issues. For more information, visit the Unite Europe website:

ICMPD was requested to evaluate, as an external ethical advisor, the compliance of the project outputs with ethical standards and guidelines. ICMPD is thus part of the project's Advisory Board.

Project Duration: 2012-2014
Funding: European Commission FP7
Project Coordination: INSET Research and Advisory (Austria)
Project Partners: INSET Research and Advisory (AT), Erasmus University Rotterdam (NL), City of Rotterdam (NL), Rotterdams Kenniscentrum Diversiteit (NL) , University of Potsdam (DE) , IMOOTY.EU (DE), Malmö University (SE), City of Malmö (SE), Zara (AT), Integrationshaus (AT), SYNYO GMBH (AT), RADAR Anti-discrimination agency (NL), IKF Malmö (SE), European Network of Migrant Women, Migration Policy Group
Contact: Alina Cibea, Madalina Rogoz