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MASELTOV - Mobile Assistance for Social Inclusion and Empowerment of Immigrants with Persuasive Learning Technologies and Social Network Services

The FP7 project MASELTOV, which involves ICMPD as external ethics advisors, develops novel ICT applications for migrant users with the key objectives of facilitating and fostering local community building, as well as raising consciousness and knowledge for settlement in the new country. The project is coordinated by the Joanneum Research Centre of Graz, Austria.

The project involves partners from different disciplinary backgrounds and of different types of organizations (technicians, social scientists, civil society organizations). This, among others, raises a number of ethical challenges throughout the research process, starting from the project design and continuing through the project's implementation, marketing and finally dissemination of the project outcomes.

To respond accurately to ethical dilemmas arising in the course of the research, ICMPD was requested to evaluate and approve as external ethical advisors the compliance of the project with ethical standards and guidelines. ICMPD - in close cooperation with the University of Catalunya – will provide advice to all project participants on a continuous basis and by contributing to an ethical manual, and reviewing the project work plan and research instruments. ICMPD is also part of the project’s Advisory Board.

Project Duration: 2012–2014
Funded by:
European Commission
Project Coordination: Joanneum Research Centre
Contact person: Alina Cibea (ICMPD)

Additional information
Presentation on Ethics in Social Research, Christina Hollomey, presented at the Kick-Off Workshop 30-31 January 2012 in Graz, Austria

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