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Evaluation of the Immigrant Citizens Survey

The project, coordinated by the King Baudouin Foundation, and the research, coordinated by the Migration Policy Group, involves ICMPD as evaluators of a recent survey of immigrants in seven European countries: Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Hungary, Portugal and Spain. The "Immigrant Citizens Survey" asks legally resident third country nationals to assess their own needs and evaluate how these needs have and could be met by public interventions. The survey addresses several areas of integration: the labour market and recognition of qualifications, family life, security of residence, access to general services, education, civic participation, access to nationality, and anti-discrimination and profiling.

Duration of evaluation: 2012
Funded by: European Integration Fund, the Oak Foundation, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian and King Baudouin Foundation
Project Coordination: King Baudouin Foundation
Research Coordination: Migration Policy Group
Contact Person: Albert Kraler, David Reichel (ICMPD)


Alina Cibea, Albert Kraler and David Reichel (2013): Evaluation of the Immigrant Citizens Survey (ICS). Vienna: ICMPD.

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