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Roland Hosner

Research Officer

Roland holds an MA (Mag.) in Sociology from the University of Vienna

Relevant experience and expertise: Currently Roland is involved in research components of the ongoing project on supporting migration management in Georgia (ENIGMMA). He has recently completed a feasability study with the aim of establishing a panel survey among recent immigrants to Austria (LEGINT) and serves as a focal point for survey design as well as migration and integration statistics at ICMPD.

Roland has extensive teaching experience, particularly in methodology courses for the University of Vienna, ECPR Winter Schools and for IACA, has supported Amnesty International Austria both as a volunteer, staff and board member, developed income analysis for Statistics Austria and investigated political participation at the Centre for Citizenship and Democracy at KU Leuven.

Research interests: 
Methodology, Diversity and Inclusion, Integration, Gender, Human Rights

Selected Publications:

ICMPD (2018): Baseline Study on Migration in Azerbaijan. Study developed with the framework of the EU-funded Support to the Implementation of the Mobility Partnership with Azerbaijan (MOBILAZE) project. Vienna. ICMPD.

Hosner, Roland, Zurabishvili, Tamar, Hofmann, Martin (2018): Putting the Pieces Together: Identifying Emigration Indicators for Georgia. Forthcoming.

Hosner, Roland, Vana, Irina, Khun Jush, Golschan (2017): Integrationsmaßnahmen und Arbeitsmarkterfolg von Flüchtlingen und subsidiär Schutzberechtigen in Österreich. Forschungsbericht des FIMAS-Projekts. ICMPD.
Download (in German)

Hosner, Roland (2016): Estimates for Georgian Migrants in Turkey: Regular and Irregular Migration. ENIGMMA Working Paper. Vienna: ICMPD.

Hosner, Roland, Baumgartner, Paul (2016): Qualifications of Asylum Seekers and Labour Market Integration of Recognised Refugees in Austria: Reflections on possible biases of two surveys. Conference Paper, Annual Conference for Migration and Integretation Research in Austria. Vienna: ICMPD.

Hosner, Roland, Schlechter, Maria (2015): Integrationsverläufe von NeuzuwanderInnen. Forschungsdesign für eine Panelbefragung. Vienna: ICMPD.
Download (in German)

ICMPD (2015): The State of Migration in Georgia. Vienna: International Centre for Migration Policy Development.

Hosner, Roland (2015): Diversity & Inclusion bei Non-Profit-Organisationen in Österreich. In: Andrlik, Marion; Pauser, Norbert (Hg.) Realisierung von Diversity & Inclusion. Wien: Facultas, 51-59.

Andrlik, Marion, Hosner, Roland, Pauser, Norbert (2014): Diversity & Inclusion in Non-Profit-Organisationen in Österreich. Pauser Diversity & Inclusion Consulting.
Download (in German)

Hosner, Roland (2008): Gleichheit oder Differenz? Eine methodenkritische Perspektive auf Geschlechtsunterschiede am Beispiel Geschlecht und Aggression. Diploma Thesis. University of Vienna.


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