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Madalina Rogoz

Research Officer

Madalina holds a university degree in Political Science from the National School of Political Studies and Public Administration (SNSPA) in Bucharest and a Masters of Arts degree in Gender Studies from the Central European University in Budapest. In 2008 she attended a Postgraduate program on Interdisciplinary in Gender Studies at Radboud University from Nijmegen, Netherlands.  

Relevant experience and expertise:
Madalina is a Research Officer at ICMPD’s Research Unit with ten years of experience in conducting research in the field of migration. At ICMPD she has been involved in several collaborative projects in the area of migrant integration, migration data collection and anti-trafficking policies. She conducted research on fundamental rights of TCNs at the EU external border and on the usage of selected Border Crossing Points in the Caucasus region. She has been conducting extensive research in the field of trafficking in human beings and related areas, with a particular focus on data collection in anti-trafficking and relevance of addressing demand in the context of trafficking. She was a main researcher in the ICMPD-led project ‘Addressing Demand in Anti-Trafficking Efforts and Policies’ (DemandAT). Currently she is managing the ICMPD involvement in the H2020 project on the ‘Role of European Mobility and Its Impacts in Narratives, Debates and EU Reforms’ (REMINDER). Her research within REMINDER focuses on the impacts of care work mobility on education and health systems in sending countries.
Research interests:
European integration, ICT and migration, gender and migration

Tel: +43-1-5044677-2385
Fax: +43-1-5044677-2375
E-mail: Madalina.Rogoz(at)