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Jimy Perumadan

Research Officer

Jimy holds a master's degree in Human Rights & Democratisation from the European Inter-University Centre in Venice and Lund University. She has specialized in international migration law and international labour law & human rights. She has also completed the postgraduate course SOQUA Vocational Qualification in the Social Sciences organized by the Institute for Social Research and Analysis (SORA), the Working Life Research Centre, (FORBA) and the Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI).

Relevant experience and expertise:
At ICMPD Jimy was involved in several research projects on EU asylum policy, EU anti-trafficking policy and medical country of origin information. Currently she conducts research on harmonization, solidarity and responsibility sharing within the Common European Asylum System (CEASEVAL project, funded by the EC Horizon2020) and on the role of VET, skills and qualifications in complementary pathways for refugees (REF-VET, funded by CEDEFOP).

Research interests:
national and international asylum law, trafficking, intersection of asylum and trafficking, labour exploitation, human rights


Jimy Perumadan and Martin Wagner (2019): The Common European Asylum System: Promising practices of responsibility sharing, CEASEVAL  RESEARCH ON THE COMMON EUROPEAN ASYLUM SYSTEM, Nr. 36.

Martin Wagner, Jimy Perumadan and Paul Baumgartner (2019): Secondary Movements, CEASEVAL RESEARCH ON THE COMMON EUROPEAN ASYLUM SYSTEM, Nr. 34.

Jimy Perumadan and Almut Bachinger (2017): Trafficked women and girls among asylum seekers in Austria. Fempower.

Alexandra König, Katharina Schaur, Jimy Perumadan (2016): Dividing, connecting, relocating: Emotions and journeys of embodiment in transnational space. In: Transnational Social Review

Martin Wagner et al. (2016): The implementation of the Common European Asylum System. European Parliament, Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs.

Alexandra König, Bernhard Perchinig, Jimy Perumadan, Katharina Schaur (2015): Country Report Austria. ITHACA Research Report N.1/2015. Florence: EUI.

Tel: +43-1-5044677-2450
Fax: +43-1-5044677-2375
E-mail: Jimy.Perumadan(at)

Current projects involved: