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Perspectives and future prospects of young refugees and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection. Implications for integration policy (PERSPEKT)

Lebensperspektiven von minderjährigen und jungen erwachsenen Asyl- und subsidiär Schutzberechtigten. Folgerungen für die Integrationspolitik (PERSPEKT)

The goal of PERSPEKT is to examine how individual, structural, and process-related factors determine a successful educational and labour market integration of young Afghan and Syrian refugees and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection and which measures could be implemented to facilitate this process. Using methods of qualitative social research, the study will examine 1) young refugees’/beneficiaries’ future prospects and perspectives regarding education, training and work in Austria as well as 2) the underlying relevant structural conditions in order to 3) identify and learn from successful practices in Austria, Germany and Sweden.

Outcomes: Final report on the perspectives and future prospects as well as on structural conditions that impact educational and professional integration of young Afghan and Syrian refugees and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection; Policy brief, including policy recommendations 

Project Duration: 2017 – 2018 (24 months)

Funding: Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund / Integrationsbereich des Asyl-, Migrations- und Integrationsfonds (AMIF) and BMEIA (Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs)

Contact: Veronika Bilger

Research staff involved:

Veronika Bilger
Almut Bachinger
Katharina Hahn-Schaur

For more information, please download the factsheet.