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Comparative Study on Employment

The study was concerned with the situation of migrants and minorities in the employment sector.

• To examine country-specific findings on inequality, exclusion, disadvantage and discrimination on the labour market in a comparative perspective
• To document the incidents and types of discrimination which occur in workplaces and labour markets across the EU
• To highlight examples of ‘good practice’ in counteracting discrimination

• Development of conceptual and methodological framework for data collection and problems related to the comparability of existing and non-existing data
• Description, analysis and comparison of existing data: existing inequalities in the labour market; evidence of discrimination; overview of current strategies to overcome inequalities and discrimination
• Presentation of common problems, conclusions and recommendations

Duration: 2002-2003
Funded by: EUMC
Contact: Veronika Bilger, Albert Kraler (ICMPD)


• ICMPD/ EUMC (2003) Migrants, Minorities and Employment: Exclusion, Discrimination and Anti-Discrimination in 15 Member States of the European Union. Report submitted by ICMPD on behalf of EUMC, October 2003, EUMC

An article with the main findings of the study appeared in the EUMC publication Equal Voices:
• John Wrench, Michael Jandl, Albert Kraler, Anna Stepien (2003): Migrants, minorities and employment in 15 EU Member States. Equal Voices 14.

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