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About R&D
    About ICMPD
    Research at ICMPD
    Research Team
        Daniel Aumair
        Almut Bachinger
        Veronika Bilger
        Alessandra Bravi
        Esther Dostal
        Maegan Hendow
        Roland Hosner
        Albert Kraler
        Bernhard Perchinig
        Jimy Perumadan
        Lucas Rasche
        Madalina Rogoz
        Katharina Schaur
        Elisabeth Strasser
        Nina Uransek
        Martina SekulovŠ
        Aleksandra Wůjcicka


    Migration Governance
        Evaluation on the Application of the Return Directive
        Integrated Border Management in the LAC Region
        Prague Process Targeted Initiative
        Family Reunification Project
        Climate Refugees Study
        Scientific Visa Project
        Benchmark Study on Asylum Practices in CH, DK and UK
        Airport Asylum Procedures
        Family Migration Policies in Europe
        Policies towards Foreign Graduates
        Country of Origin Information Systems
        Admission of Clergy

    Migration Statistics
        European Indicators of Migrant Integration
        Evaluation of Immigrant Citizens Survey
        Monitoring Instruments
        Making Sense of Migration Statistics
        Migration and Asylum in Europe

    Trafficking in Human Beings
        Child Begging Study
        Study of the extent of THB

    Irregular Migration
        Study on smuggling of migrants
        Evaluation on the Application of the Return Directive
        Reforming preliminary admission of migrants
        FRA External Borders Study
        FRA irregular immigrants
        Health care for UDM
        Irregular migration and economic crisis
        Human Smuggling & trafficking

    Integration & Non-Discrimination
        Integration of young male immigrants
        Employment, education and life worlds of young women with a migration background
        European indicators of migrant integration
        Family Reunification Project
        Inequalities and Multiple Discrimination in Access to Health
        Family Migration Policies in Europe
        Migrants, Minorities and Employment
        FRA papers
        EUMC Legislation
        EUMC Employment
        Report on Migration and Integration
        Social mobility

    Evaluations and Reviews
        Evaluation of Immigrant Citizens Survey
        Evaluation of UK Home Office Reports
        Evaluation of RAXEN reports

    Other activities
        IMISCOE 12th Annual Conference
        Online Course on Migration and Asylum
        E-learning course on project cycle management
        Conference on ICT & Migration
        Dynamic Quality Assurance
        Evaluation of UK Home Office Reports
        Evaluation of RAXEN reports

    Working Papers
    Reports and Studies
    Policy briefs

    The library catalogue
    Online library