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Claire Healy

Research Officer

Education: holds a B.A. (International) in History and German from the National University of Ireland and conducted Masters research in Latin American History and Spanish at the University of Hamburg. PhD (2006) in Migration History from the National University of Ireland on nineteenth-century migration from Ireland to Argentina.

Relevant experience and expertise: Claire started at ICMPD in February 2011 and is currently coordinating a research project on trafficking in persons in Brazil, as well as working on trafficking in the ECOWAS region in West Africa and on the Demand in Anti-Trafficking (DemandAT) research project. The research study on trafficking in Brazil was launched by the Brazilian Ministry of Justice in October 2013. At ICMPD she also coordinated a research project on child begging and worked on researcher migration and trafficking for forced begging, among other topics. She was previously a Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) post-doctoral fellow at Lisbon University Institute, and published research for the Immigration Observatory on naturalisation in Portugal. During 2007-2009, she worked as an Advisor at the Portuguese Government's High Commission for Immigration and Intercultural Dialogue (ACIDI, IP). There she worked on various EU Integration Fund projects, including “One-Stop-Shop: A New Answer for Immigrant Integration”. She addressed the EU High Level Dialogue on Legal Immigration in September 2007. From 2005 to 2007, Claire worked in Dublin as a Research Consultant for a number of NGOs in the field of migration and refugees, authoring two published reports for the Immigrant Council of Ireland, on language programmes for migrants and on state coordination of migration policy. She also co-authored a report on migrants in Ireland whose status is based on their Irish-born children.
She was President of the Society for Irish Latin American Studies, 2009-2011 and Editor of the Society’s electronic open-access journal, Irish Migration Studies in Latin America, 2006-2011. She has taught at Summer schools in Portugal, Poland, Northern Ireland and Malta. Claire has also worked as a translator and speaks German, Portuguese, Spanish, Irish, French, Cape Verdean Creole and basic Croatian. She has worked with migrant, asylum-seeking and ethnic minority children in Hamburg, Galway and Lisbon.

Research interests: Children Mobility and Child Protection, Citizenship and Naturalisation, Language and Migration, Roma Migration, Trafficking in Human Beings, Exploitation through Begging..

Selected publications:
2014. Baseline Assessment on Capacities and Training Needs of the ECOWAS Trafficking in Persons Unit and National Focal Points. FMM West Africa Project.

2013, with Alline Pedra et al. Assessment of Trafficking in Persons in the Border Areas of Brazil (in Portuguese). Brasilia: Ministry of Justice.

2013, with Madalina Rogoz: Report for the Study on a Typology and Policy Responses to Child Begging in the EU. European Commission.

2013, with David Reichel: “Earning Rights: Economic Status and Access to Citizenship” ICMPD Working Paper No. 5 May 2013.

2013: “Free People of Color in Argentina” in: Stewart King (ed.), The Encyclopedia of Free Blacks and Free People of Color in the Americas. New York: Facts On File.

List of publications

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