Current Projects

Evaluation of the Common European Asylum System under Pressure and Recommendations for Further Development (CEASEVAL)
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Perspectives and future prospects of young refugees and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection. Implications for integration policy (PERSPEKT)
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Role of European Mobility and its Impacts in Narratives, Debates and EU Reforms (REMINDER)
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Integration measures and labour market success of refugees and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection in Austria (FIMAS)
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Migrants in Countries in Crisis (MICIC)
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Addressing Demand in Anti-Trafficking Efforts and Policies (DemandAT)
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FastPass: A Harmonized, Modular Reference System for All European Automatic Border Crossing Points
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New Publications

Video of Lunchtime Conference, 27 November 2017,  External Cooperation Info Point. Presentations by Albert Kraler and Aurelie Sgro.
Video available here

Roland Hosner, Irina Vana, Golschan Khun Jush (November 2017):
Integrationsmaßnahmen und Arbeitsmarkterfolg von Flüchtlingen und subsidiär Schutzberechtigen in Österreich (FIMAS). Forschungsbericht des FIMAS-Projekts. 
Download (in German)

2017 DemandAT Working Papers, Case Studies and Policy Briefs

2017 Migrants In Countries In Crisis (MICIC) Case Studies and Fact Sheets

Albert Kraler, Maegan Hendow and Ferruccio Pastore (2016): Multiplicity and multiplication: Transformations of Border Control, Journal of Borderlands Studies.

2016 Migrants In Countries In Crisis (MICIC) Research Briefs and Reports.

Alexandra König, Katharina Schaur, Jimy Perumadan (2016): Dividing, connecting, relocating:
Emotions and journeys of embodiment in transnational space. In: Transnational Social Review.


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Our Research Focus

The objective of ICMPD’s research Unit is to further knowledge on migration related issues, to facilitate co-operation and synergy within and beyond the research community and to respond to an increased demand for a more policy relevant research. It has built up a reputation for research on international migration trends, patterns and policies in the wider European context based on comparative analysis. The programme is based on policy oriented, empirical research with an interdisciplinary and international approach.


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